by Jon Novoselac

I only had to wait one week to receive my first order from, even though the items were sent from Roanoke, Virginia. That said, the shipping wasn’t cheap, at $55.00.

I ordered a fishing shirt, a set of Thingamabobbers and “The Orvis Guide to Reading Trout Streams” by Tom Rosenbauer. Everything but the indicators arrived. As soon as I received the package, I emailed Orvis Customer Service, and their reply was swift: a sincere apology was made along with a promise that I’d receive the Thingamabobbers within seven to 14 days.

The book deserves special mention – it’s a treat. At a juicy 162 pages, it’s packed with diagrams and pictures and goes into great depth. Enough depth to help the reader figure out why in certain situations, for example, fish won’t be found on the outside of a bend, despite the presence of a promising looking undercut bank.

Experienced fly fishermen like Rosenbauer know that trout prefer to lie in water that runs about one-quarter to one-half foot per second and feed in water that runs about two feet per second. Accordingly, the water below the undercut is moving too fast.

I won’t review the book here; that’ll be saved for another blog entry.

Back to the order. I’ll use Orvis again, because they have a great name and huge range. However, because of the shipping costs I’ll limit my orders to specialty items that can’t be found elsewhere.