by Jon Novoselac

So I just received my first order of flies from

This is a relatively new online shop that, as the company says, is “…the premier guide to fishing in the Snowy Mountains”.

The quality of the flies is not bad, considering they’re only $1.50 each. That said, there are lots of online shops that sell flies for $1.50 or so.

Some of the sizes aren’t quite right, but that can be expected when you buy sizes in such close proximity to each other. I don’t reckon it’ll make too much of a difference to a hungry brown in Lake Eucumbene, though.

The only thing that really bugged me was that I ordered unweighted Woolly Buggers, and received weighted Jindy Buggers, instead.

I received the flies really quickly: I placed the order on Tuesday, and received them on Friday, with the ANZAC Day public holiday in the middle. Shipping costs were fine – $8.50 for around 30 flies.

From this little online shopping endeavour, seems to put on a decent show. I’ll use them again.