by Jon Novoselac

After a relatively successful trip to Barrington Tops earlier in the year, I decided to do some more research about what lies north of Newcastle. I discovered a promising spot north west of the Tops, and got all-a-flutter. A picture of the point where Omadale Brook meets the Hunter River, below.

I didn’t take the photo, but it’s a good representation of an interesting piece of water which I’ll write about more in the following paragraphs.

I got in touch with a gentleman from the Barrington Gloucester Tops Amateur Fishing Club, who was quite accommodating and helpful. He directed me to the owner of a private piece of land nearby, and I arranged an afternoon off work.

Travelling from Newcastle though Singleton, Muswellbrook, Aberdeen, Gundy and Moonan Flat, it’s quicker than the trip to the Tops via Bucketts Way and Gloucester.

On my way, I drove past a few promising pieces of water, but contained my desire to fish as they were well-fenced, and obviously dear to their respective landlords.

Upon arriving at my destination, I first tried a slow moving pool with some nice looking undercut banks. It was then that I realised I forgot my floatant. A beginner’s mistake.

Without any luck in the pool, I moved upstream to some pocket/mini-pools where Omadale Brook narrows considerably. I love this type of small-water fishing, but am rarely successful on streams narrower than my living room. I don’t think I can get close enough to make a good presentation without startling the fish.

So I migrated to another piece of water: the confluence of Omadale Brook and the Upper Hunter River, pictured above.

As soon as I made it to the bank, I startled two steer cattle which promptly bolted through the water, much to my delight. I waited before getting into position and casting, but still didn’t have any luck. I guess it just wasn’t my trip. And hey, sometimes you need a bad day, to make the good days even better.

I’d like to try again, if only to punish myself on the small water. Anyone care to offer any other suggestions about trout fishing in the Hunter?