by Jon Novoselac

I’ve started preparing for my trip later this year to Yosemite National Park. I’ve booked a guide, Tom Knoth, and bought a fantastic book called “Fly Fishing the Sierra Nevada” by Bill Sunderland.

Here’s a passage from the book.

“Below Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, the best fishing is at Poopenaut Valley, reached via a road that turns off Highway 120 just outside the park entrance. There is a mile-long trail from the Hetch Hetchy road dropping steeply down into the valley, a one-hour walk down, two or more coming back up. It’s also prime habitat for rattlesnakes and poison oak. This is a tail-water fishery that can provide big trout; the trouble is that they are tough to get because most of them hold in deep pools.”

I’m not sure how useful a whistle will be when it comes to rattlesnakes and poison oak…