by Jon Novoselac

I’m struggling. I haven’t been fishing for a while.

Oh sure, I have plenty to occupy myself with, but my mind always drifts back to fishing. At times like this, I check fly fishing blogs much, much more than a normal person would, hoping to see a new pattern, a report, or a video of some lucky SOB who’s been fortunate enough to catch a trout in the last 24-hours.

Since I’m not fishing, I’ll take the time to write about some of the blogs I visit. First cab off the rank: Moldy Chum.

Let me start by saying that some writers are straight up and down, and some aren’t. These guys aren’t. They have a fantastic sense of humour, and it shows in their content. They don’t take themselves too seriously; regular entries like Friday Pinup are a case in point.

Although they’re funny, they’re pretty serious, if you know what I mean. See, if I went fishing with them, I’m positive they’d run a clinic on me. These guys just might be the original trout bums

The site is full of useful links, conservation videos, photos, news and reviews about gear and a great monthly grip and grin competition which they call SOTM. 

Check out the winner of last September’s SOTM – a gigantic bull trout caught by Derek Olthuis.

Bull trout

And what does SOTM stand for?

Slab of the Month, of course.

Next entry: Small Stream Reflections.