by Jon Novoselac

Another day without trout. Another blog review.

Alan Petrucci appears to be a true gentleman. He lives in Connecticut, and it looks like he has ready access to a bunch of those picture perfect New England trout streams. He’s designed a few streamers, and has been fishing for a long time.

His blog focuses on his fly fishing adventures on small waters throughout New England, like the stream below.

Another image from Small Stream Reflections

I love this type of close quarters, intimate fishing. At least that’s what I tell myself as I excitedly prepare for an excursion to such water. The words I mumble to myself repeatedly in the car on the way home are typically different. 

“@#$&!?% trees!”

 I’m sure all it takes is “practice”.

Sarcasm aside, Alan has quite a bit of practice under his belt. He posts almost daily about the time he spends on the water, streamers, photos of magnificent New England streams and the gorgeous brook trout that grace them.

Picture of brook trout from Small Stream Reflections

I reckon he’d be a great guy to fish with.