by Jon Novoselac

The Way of a Trout

“The Way of a Trout” has been around for a while – since 1969, in fact. It was created by James Wilkie, who later donated the film to Trout Unlimited.

It was one of the driving forces behind catch and release, which is an honour in its own right. Its other real value, I think, lies in its nostalgia. It reminds me a little of those vintage L.L.Bean catalogue covers you might be lucky enough to find surfing the internet.

What’s more, the film was produced in a spot that occupies a special place in my heart. Wisconsin. Plain as day, I’m a sucker for a north woods retreat with a big fireplace. The stream that’s featured in the film is at Seven Pines Lodge.

Seven Pines Lodge

The grainy 16 millimetre format doesn’t detract from what must be one of the first videos featuring the day-to-day life of a trout, including the many challenges the fish face on a regular basis.

I guess we’ve learned a bit more about trout, their habits and environs since 1969. But we probably haven’t discovered too much more that helps us both conserve this resource and improve our chances of catching a few.

I’ll watch this again soon, with a coffee in hand, and a smile on my face.