by Jon Novoselac

I’m going to ramble a little in this entry. About casting. Upcoming trips. Flies. Books.


Mel Krieger

Thanks to Peter Hayes and Mel Krieger (above), I’ve assembled some notes that will hopefully improve my casting, complete with a couple of practice drills. Simply put, I believe that becoming a better caster is a necessary precursor to becoming a better fisherman.


Josh Hutchins

I’ve just booked a trip to Thompsons Creek Dam. Josh Hutchins, above, will be my guide; he knows TCD better than the back of his hand. Another trip will take place in early October – this one to Victoria. Still sorting out the details. Then, the season starts here in my home state. Not that I’m counting, but it’s 24 days until the opener.


It was bound to happen. I guess most people who become obsessed with fly fishing eventually succumb to the delights of fly tying. I’m slowly amassing more feathers and fur than a millinery in the lead up to the Melbourne Cup. Sites like PlanetTrout and FrankenFly inspire me on a regular basis.

The picture below comes from PlanetTrout; it’s a CDL KF Nymph (Medium Brown Baetis) – Hughes/Variant, in size 20. I’m not sure if my eyesight and fumbling fingers are good enough to tie a size 20 fly, but I’ll be giving it a red hot go when the time is right.

CDL KF Nymph (Medium Brown Baetis) – Hughes Variant

I’ve completed quite a few basic Woolly Buggers and Pheasant Tail Nymphs and, sacre bleu, they’re starting to look as they should. I guess the old adage is right. Practice makes perfect.


Speaking of flies, I received a wonderful surprise in the mail the other day. Alan Petrucci’s book, “Thin Blue Lines”, arrived. That wasn’t a surprise – I was expecting it. I was, however, delighted to find enclosed in the package a beautifully tied Ausable Bomber, all the way from Alan in Connecticut.

The book is just as fantastic as I expected it to be. It’s chock-a-block full of beautiful photos, and will be taken from the shelf as often as I need encouragement.


Enough rambling for now, I guess. On to more productive pursuits, like scanning the interweb for cool fly fishing stuff.