by Jon Novoselac

Dynamic Nymphing

Ever since I became interested fly fishing, I’ve been a fan of nymphing. Most people love the dry fly, but the idea that trout get most of their dietary requirements sub-surface had me focussing on nymphing from day one.

I’m still a beginner in this great sport. So the fantastic stuff in George’s book had me pouring over the detail, and even making notes.

From Pennsylvania, George Daniel was on the US Fly Fishing Team from 2006 to 2010, placing fifth at the 2006 world championship and was also the US Youth Fly Fishing Team coach in 2008 and 2009. It’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about fishing.

George’s book is one of the most in-depth references to nymph fishing I’ve come across. I’m not saying that I’ve read every fly fishing book ever published, but I’ve seen a few. The table of contents for this all-inclusive book looks like this:

  1. Dynamic Nymphing
  2. A Nymphing System
  3. Casting Weight
  4. Tight-Line Tactics
  5. Suspension Tactics
  6. Fly Patterns
  7. Fishing Pocketwater, Riffles and Runs, and Pools
  8. Nymphing the Extremes
  9. Nymphing Small Streams

Like many other fly fishing books, this one covers casting, reading water, trout biology, and other basics. Where George shines is the detail he imparts about tight line strategies and suspension approaches. The author does a great job promoting the idea that a good fly is one that is the right size, shape and colour for the conditions at hand.

And he champions the idea that good technique is more important than the “perfect” fly.

Good advice for a bloke with only a few years under his belt in this wonderful world of fly fishing.